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A complete suite of banking APIs.

Our team has designed our APIs for reliability, security and scale. You can seamlessly integrate our microfinance APIs into your existing systems, enabling you to offer your customers an enhanced user experience, streamline your processes, and increase efficiency.

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What can your developers build with AjoCard APIs? Here’s how our APIs live out your dreams through the customers you serve


View account balances, transfer funds, set up savings plans, and more.


Access information related to health insurance plans, such as available coverage, costs, and eligibility criteria. Also facilitate the process of submitting and processing insurance claims, and provide information on health care providers.


Securely store and manage money, payment information, facilitate transactions and also securely transfer money between users.

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AjoCard Limited [RC 1507534] is a FinTech solutions firm, with a microfinance license, approved by CBN logo Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and holds deposits insured by the NDIC logo Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).